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Tuesday January 21 2020 - 10:00 a.m. GMT+1 


Join our upcoming webinar and discover the AgilePoint NX roadmap and vision for 2020. Gain new insights on how to maximize your NX sales and capitalize on opportunities.

Enhance your competitive edge and beat the competition with renewed knowledge. A partnership with AgilePoint allows you to deliver hyper agile, high value solutions and next generation responsive business applications faster than ever before.

We stay committed in offering you the most innovative low-to-no-code platform and true agile tool on the planet! Giving you the tools and the knowledge to truly future-proof any organization’s move towards digital transformation.

Join our live partner webinar on January 21 and discover:

- The vision of AgilePoint for 2020
- Our take on how low-/ no code going from Shadow IT to Citizen Developer
- Q&A

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